29 March 2014

MBT's @ Meeker Marshalls

Meeker Marshall Shoe store at 7520 Peach Street, Erie PA, formally inside the Millcreek Mall now carries MBT shoes.

If you are unfamiliar with MBT shoes, you will want to try these on if you have any kind of back,hip, leg and foot aches or just want to tone your body naturally as you walk throughout the day.

MBT shoes are made with technology that mimics walking barefoot in the sand which in turn benefits your whole body.

The shoes are well worth the money which is well worth an improvement in your daily life.

Curves Shoes sold through Avon sells an MBT knockoff at a fraction of the price, same idea but slighty different check them out here. Also, Sears sells TheraSandal by TheraShoe, again same concept but slightly different.

Best Wishes!

I was recently on a trip and stayed in two separate hotels. Now the point of this article is to educate the average folk regarding your bedding in your hotel rooms. I was a housekeeper back in the day when I was still in high school and can even remember then thinking how gross, that all I change is the sheets and pillowcases but not once ever did management have us change the comforter or blankets. GROSS! Most hotels and resorts do not have the staff, time or means to wash your bed comforter and blanket. When was the last time you saw blankets and comforters on a housekeeping cart? Exactly, never. Housekeeping will only change and wash the blankets and comforters when they see a visible stain, which is so rare, considering their usually not just a shade of white. We all know most hotel stains and dirt is hard to see anyway. So with that being said: As soon as I enter a room I will take off the all the layers of the bedding all the way down to the hopefully changed and clean white sheets. I will then turn up or down the heat accordingly for a nice comfortable sleep. If my stay is more than one night, I would prefer no housekeeping and usually just ask housekeeping for a new set of towels and more coffee when applicable. Easy enough, not only will this prevent housekeeping from remaking my bed with the nasty comforter and blanket, but also I'm not worried about hiding my jewelry or money from someone trying to get a five finger discount with my belongings. While I'm at it, the remote control, phone and door handles are all items that hardly if ever get cleaned. So to be sure you and your family are safe I would bring disinfecting wipes for all those other areas of concern. Your coffee pot and cups could all use your own washing too! Believe me folks, housekeeping doesn't care THAT much! They'll just do what they are told and paid to do and as fast as they can. So since you can't make sure the guy before you washed his hands after he used the bathroom then changed the TV channel to a X-rated pay per view, and then used the blanket as a towel. I would just avoid these items at all cost!!

08 April 2009

Wi-Fi in the Sky

American Airlines announced they will begin installing flying Wi-Fi Hot Spots on about 300 planes used in the United States.

American Airlines has been testing In-Flight Internet Service for several months and will charge up to $12.95/hour.

Eventually all airlines will have this service, then finally you will be able to get on-line everywhere!

28 February 2009

Complimentary Beverages Return

Effective Sunday, March 1, 2009, complimentary non-alcoholic beverages return on board all US Airways mainline and express flights system wide.

In First and Envoy Class complimentary beverages include beer, wine, liquor, pillows and blankets. Shuttle Main cabin passengers receive complimentary beer and wine on board.

If you would like to purchase alcoholic beverages or a meal in coach class, prices follow:
Beer,Liquor, and Wine $7.
Audio Headsets $5.
In-flight fresh meals $7.
In-flight snack meals $5.

Happy Travels.

10 February 2009

Are you there Vodka,..

Chelsea Handler's book Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelseais hilarious, especially since I am listening to the book narrated by herself. Her story told by her, what a great time. I got this CD from the good ol' library.

I am a huge fan of The Chelsea Lately program on E, starring Chelsea Handler. Its scheduled weeknights at 11:00p beginning on February 16, 2009.

Some of you may remember an older post of mine entitled "In the Motherhood," about the web sitcom of the same name starring Chelsea Handler, Jenny McCarthy, and Leah Remini. Well the exciting thing is that the site will now become a sitcom on ABC starring Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullally and Jessica St. Clair, beginning Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 8p.

Guaranteeing all of us laugh out-loud moments.

26 January 2009

Human Weights

The Gymbox chain in London has added a new twist to your usual weight training: human weights. Check out this story here.

10 January 2009

Delta and Northwest

If you haven't heard, recently Northwest Airlines and Delta have merged. Story here. I wouldn't be surprised if passengers at the Erie International Airport would have options to travel through Cincinnati(CVG) or Atlanta (ATL) in the near future.

The signage at the Erie International Airport has been changed to read Delta. If you are traveling through or to Detroit on Northwest, you are now flying on Delta. Please be patient during their transition, as with some new employees, for they have much to learn.

FYI, if your flight is delayed or cancelled you are able to travel on most other airlines free of charge when seats are available.

Check here for live shots of the Erie International Airport!