20 July 2007

The Balloon Guy

If you have not been to 8 Great Tuesdays down at Liberty Park, if anything take your kids to get a balloon from the Balloon Guy.

The Balloon Guy has a list of balloon art for you to choose from. The list contains an easy sword or airplane, to a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people eater. He is usually standing just west in the playground area near the fence, he may remind you of that tie-dyed Survivor winner from a couple years ago.

The line may take some time so be sure to get in line as soon as you can. The balloon art is free but donations are appreciated.


11 July 2007

How Many Leagues Under the Sea?

My son asked me the other day "how deep is the ocean?."

I had to Google this question and have since learned that a "League" is 3 miles below sea. I have heard this term many times throughout my life and never really took to its past.

Obviously, no one has determined how many leagues are under the sea but some might speculate 20,000.

How deep is the Ocean?