03 November 2007

Life's Luxuries - Number 2

100% pure Linen Bed Sheet Set and Duvet cover.

I got going on this after I saw the movie with Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, called Practical Magic, there was a linen blanket on one of the beds that looked wonderfully comfortable. After some browsing online and a few shopping excursions, I realized this would be a harder item to find and cost more than I had anticipated.

I ended up purchasing my duvet cover from Pottery Barn. The website was having an online special and I ended up purchasing the cover for just under $100. The sheets I totally lucked out again, but this time at Tuesday Morning. If you have not been there it is located at 2169 West 12th Street, Erie PA, which is at the corner of 12th and Pittsburgh Avenue. Tuesday Morning reminds me of T.J. Maxx but without all the clothes and shoes. This sheet set was originally $400.00 and I ended up paying, again, $100.

Garnet Hill carries the sheets online if you want to check them out.

Sweet Dreams!