18 June 2008

Rainbow Around The Sun

Yesterday, while we were at Waldameer, I took these pictures of a Rainbow around the Sun. I have never seen such a thing and was truly thrilled.

I learned that when you see a rainbow around the sun, also known as "sundogs", there are high clouds overhead and that it's usually a sign that rain is on the way, which in yesterdays case was true. Those clouds are made of tiny ice crystals, which will refract the sunlight like a prism will.

I feel very fortunate to even see such a sight, and I also have to note that Waldameers new roller coaster The Ravine Flyer was so much fun, what a great ride.

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The Lone Beader said...

Wow! Great pics! I did not know about sundogs!

And, I LOVE the Ravine Flyer II. I got to ride it in August. It is awesome!! It's also great to see that Waldameer has finally grown up! :D