28 April 2007

Scott Park, Erie PA

We recently visited Scott Park, located just 1/2 mile east of 6th and Peninsula Drive. There is a new playground that has been added since last year.

This park also has a picnic shelter,restrooms, sand court volleyball, basketball court, BMX racing course and a baseball field. The park also connects to a bike/walking trail with views of the bay.

The picnic shelter is available Saturday and Sunday by reservation only thru Memorial to Labor Day by calling Millcreek Township at 814-835-4122. Weekdays and all other weekends are available first come first serve.

Last year we rode our bikes thru the trails and my son remembered the BMX track that he never got to ride on, and had asked me to return to Scott Park so he could ride the track. So I am looking into when the BMX track would be available to the public.

My secret here is to remind you that your children remember everything.

26 April 2007

Pier One Imports Sale 75%

We just went to Pier One Imports yesterday on Peach Street, and they are having a 75% off sale, which is a rarity for Pier One Imports.

We really got some great deals. One of the items I got was originally priced for $99. It's a wooden wine cubby stand which I am using as a laptop stand, with paperwork and sorts inside the slanted cubby slots. It's perfect, and was only $24.75.

The sales woman told us that the sale runs until the over-stock is sold, or unless otherwise told. I would hurry in due to stock availability.

Happy Shopping.

24 April 2007

True Love Test

Have you just met someone new or have been dating for a while and want to know for sure if this is a possible candidate for a true relationship?

This is what you will need to do. Take a drive in the car together and purposely get yourselves lost. This may sound crazy but it will really expose a side of his/her personality that is important to learn. Try it!

So my secret here is that's when you will know it's true!

22 April 2007

US Airways Ticketing Fees

If you are making reservations with US Airways for travel arrangements, here are some facts you should be aware of.

If you go to the airport and make reservations, and a purchase your tickets at the ticket counter, you will be charged an extra $20.00 ticketing service fee for electronic ticketing. If you would like your tickets printed to paper you will have a $20 ticketing service fee PLUS a $50 paper ticket fee, totaling an extra $70.

Reservations by phone charge a $10 ticketing service fee for electronic ticketing. If you would like your tickets printed to paper and mailed, add your $10 ticketing service fee PLUS an extra $50 paper ticket fee, totaling $60.

If you make your reservations online, no ticketing service fees apply for electronic tickets. Tickets printed to paper and mailed will be an extra $50 ticketing service fee.

Exemptions for ticketing service fees include: tickets purchased with air checks, future travel awards, gift certificates, senior packs, and gift cards and their promotional coupons. Also, military/government fares, dividend miles chairman's members and their traveling companions, US Airways vacations, and groups. For additional information, please check US Airways.com or call 1-800-428-4322.

Additionally, Delta, Northwest and Continental Airlines, to name a few, have similar charges, please check with your carrier before making reservations.

So my 2 secrets are to avoid paper tickets and do your best to make your reservations online.

Happy Travels

20 April 2007

Have you rode the loop?

In 2005, Penndot completed the west side bike path that links Frontier Park to the Bayfront walkway.

The Frontier Park Loop connects to Bicycle PA Route Z which begins at Route 20 at the Ohio border and ends at PA 5 at the New York Border. Which is the shortest bike route in Pennsylvania at 46 miles long.

This project has enabled us to completely loop around Frontier Park and continue either west or east on PA Bike Route Z.

The secret is that you are never to far to begin your journey.

For a list of other PA bike routes and complete directions, check out PA Highways.

18 April 2007


Does anyone suffer from any type of arthritis or hand pain of any sort?

My hands are in pain a lot. When I do things like scrape the snow off my car, vacuum my stairs, cut chicken, type too long, to just name a few. I went to my family doctor, had blood taken and x-rays on both hands. My Rheumatoid factor was up, so I needed to see a specialist.

After waiting in a cold waiting room, half naked in a hospital gown, and listening to the doctor flirt with a drug rep for 30 minutes, he finally entered. He asked his questions and did a exam on my hands and feet. Five minutes later, I was diagnosed with "Overuse Syndrome"......what?
Is that what they call hand pain when they can't figure anything else out? Has anyone ever been diagnosed with such a diagnosis?

So my secret here is be happy that it wasn't Rheumatoid arthritis.

16 April 2007

How happy are you?

This was on Oprah the other day.

How happy are you? Take the test,
answer with 1-7, seven being the highest..

1. In most ways my life is close to ideal.
2. The conditions of my life are excellent.
3. I am satisfied with my life.
4. So far, I have gotten the important things i want in life.
5. If I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing.

add score up
31-35 --extremely satisfied
15-or below dissatisfied with life
and somewhere in between there's room to become a happier person. Dr. Robert Holden has some advice how to live a more satisfying life.

14 April 2007

Looking for somewhere to eat?

I am always in pursuit of a great place to eat that is child friendly .

Hence my next perfect place to eat is Crabby Pats Country Roadhouse, 4646 Buffalo Road, Erie PA. My favorite reason is that although my children are pretty much well behaved when we go out to eat, their voices can carry at times but since the music is a little louder in this restaurant than most, I feel my kids can be kids and I'm not having to tell them to shush all the while.

The kids can color on the white paper table cover as well as on their child's play mat and we can all enjoy shelled peanuts while waiting for our meal. After the meal, next door is Skateway, so if diner doesn't tire your family out, then you could go roller skating and assure the kids will sleep on the way home.

My husband likes Crabby Pat's because the food is great and in large portions!

My secret here is that the sweet potatoes are the biggest in town and no one has the sweet butter like they do.

12 April 2007

Do you listen to your conscious?

I know that we live in a world that a large number of marriages end in divorce.

My question is, wasn't there a part of you that knew from the very beginning, before the marriage ceremony, that this may not be the "one"? I believe our conscious speak to us in many ways, and that the majority of people choose to ignore that part of themselves. My secret is to always listen to your conscious it's telling you what to do..all you have to do is listen.

11 April 2007

Erie Planetarium

When was the last time you were in a planetarium?

This is a nice activity to do with the whole family. You will need to call for current show and times at 814-871-5790. The Erie planetarium is located at 356 West 6Th Street, Erie PA, which is inside the Mansion Carriage House.

The secret here is that this is a great activity for adults with or without the children and everyone will enjoy themselves.

09 April 2007

Erie's city sidewalks and streets

As summer fast approaching and children playing outside more, I want the opportunity to voice my concern to watch the children.

Raised in Millcreek, I made the move to the city, after living in Downtown Pittsburgh, as well as Mount Washington. I am a proud city dweller.

My only concern here is the people who choose to drive 45mph down a side street where the speed limit is only 25, please slow down, or take the route that would put you on a street marked with the appropriate speed limit. Really, what is the rush?

My other concern is that when you are pulling into or out of your driveway, or into or out of a city business driveway is to please stop before the sidewalk and check for children who may be on their bikes or running past.

Erie is great town, and the secret here is to slow down and enjoy the view.

07 April 2007


I have been a member of the YMCA since I moved back to Erie after attending college in Pittsburgh in 1995. The YMCA has so many great programs for individuals, as well as the whole family.

First, and foremost, the Y has four locations in our area. Eastside, Downtown, Glenwood and Edinboro. I have used 3 of the 4, with Edinboro being the one I have not used, but I still have that option.

Second, the Y offers daycare free of charge while you work out! This is a big plus, since I thought after I had children it will be hard to find the time to go and work out, but this is not the case. It's great to go workout and still have time to steam or get in the sauna, then get a shower, and not worry about the children.

Third, having choices of different times and different classes and equipment, which really helps to promote diversity in working out. One day you may want a spinning class, the next day you may want to take a kickboxing class. Some days you may of missed the 9:20 class at Glenwood, but can make the 10:00 class at the Eastside. Our bodies can hit plateaus doing the same workout day after day, and options help to avoid this situation, and keeps your body guessing.

Lastly, the Y provides swimming lessons, tumbling, and other classes geared to children, with the cost included in your annual membership. So if your looking for a change in yourself this year, take a moment and check out your local Y.

I have heard a lot of residents state that they don't go to certain other fitness centers in the area, because they feel they have to "get ready" to sweat, this is not the case at the Y's. Everyone is there to work out and feel great afterwords, and I have never felt like I should have done my hair before I go there. It's a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Living in Erie, these three locations are never far from where you live and have served me well and I will continue to brag what great options I have.

The Glenwood YMCA is due to go under a $2.5 to $3 million, 2 story expansion, which will make the facility larger to accommodate the surge of Erie residents who have already discovered the secret.

06 April 2007

Lost Luggage 102

As a result of Lost Luggage 101, I have had to add yet another problematic topic. As a result of you not receiving your luggage at your destination, and so to save you undue stresses in life, the following items should be stowed in your carry on luggagewith you. Hence my next secret, do not pack these items in your checked luggage: medications, keys to your car, money, very valuable momental items, jewelry, necessary baby items, needed medical equipment and any other items that you feel you could not live without. Thank you.

04 April 2007

Lost Luggage 101

As an airline employee for the last 12 years, I have a bit of knowledge on the 'ins and outs" of airline policies and procedures. I would love to start with lost luggage.

It can be very hard to unload an aircraft and get 200 pieces of luggage to their next flight in a matter of minutes compounded by unexpected delays. This is the number one reason luggage gets "lost." So the luggage then gets set aside for the next available flight to your destination, if it had not made it on your plane. Also with close connections in large airports and the numerous aircraft delays this only compounds the difficulty in getting luggage where it needs to go.

Unfortunately, when a bag is lost, this is a problem I cannot resolve on my own if I were fielding your claim at the counter. But we all do what we can.

Also, another misconception of passengers is that baggage is traced like a UPS package, this is not the case.

Luggage is tagged with your flight numbers and airport codes e.g. ERI (Erie), and as the bags are put on the airport's hubs conveyor system, they are sorted by zones. The next step is an employee then physically picks the bags up in the bag room and puts them on the appropriate luggage cart to its destination. Sometimes bags are accidentally put on wrong luggage carts, sometimes bags get stuck on the conveyor, due to loose luggage straps. Sometimes bags come into the bag room late, due to late arriving aircraft, or you may have checked in late and an employee has already taken the luggage cart to the appropriate aircraft, without your bag. Sometimes bags are mistagged or the tags may have fallen off.

So, I actually have four secrets here, and they are: 1) Arrive at the airport early, meaning at least one or two hours early, even if think your airport is small and it should be no big deal if you arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your plane is due to depart. 2) Watch the employee tag your bag, meaning the one with Your name on it. 3) Put a name tag on the outside of your bag, with appropriate phone numbers, also put a name tag inside the outer most pocket of the luggage, with your name and phone numbers as well, with a copy of your itinerary. 4) Take any loose straps and hooks off and tuck them inside your bag. All humans error and you can never control Mother Nature! Be Patient. Thank you.